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New VT

When you open your home page, you’ll see a collection of all VoiceThreads you can access. To narrow your view to a subset of VoiceThreads, use the menu icon next to the page title and select a filter.

The filters available:

  • My VoiceThreads: All VoiceThreads created by you, shared with you by another person, or that you’ve subscribed to. Note: This does not include VoiceThreads shared via groups or courses.
  • Owned by me: VoiceThreads you have created.
  • Shared with me: VoiceThreads that another person has shared with you directly.
  • Subscribed: A VoiceThread you’ve opted to subscribe to.

You can also sort the page by selecting a sorting option in the same menu, and you can search for a VoiceThread by title, author, or tag using the search bar in the top-right corner of the page.


Legacy VT

When you open your VT Home page, you’ll see all of your content by default. You can then narrow your view by clicking on the menu in the top-left corner and clicking on a specific filter. This shows you only the VoiceThreads that belong in the filter you’ve selected.

After you have selected a filter, you can then sort the VoiceThreads that appear on the page by selecting a sorting option from the same menu.

You can also search within the selected filter by using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve found the VoiceThread you wish to view, just click on it to open it.

Home Menu

If you are using VoiceThread Universal, please click here for more.